Mother’s Day Gifts

For the mom who does it all

Handcrafted Love

Life is short and the people you value deserve to know that you care! Darvina's modern twist on traditional chocolate gifts will have your friends, family, and colleagues swooning.

Helping You Stand Out

Easy Gifts with Big Impact

Each milestone is an opportunity to connect with the people you care about. Avoid being forgettable with our one-of-a-kind gifts!

Our handmade chocolates are specifically designed to make your recipients feel appreciated and valued, as though you went out of your way to curate the perfect gift!

Bridesmaid & Groomsmen Gifts

Wedding Party Proposals

These boxes can be personalized for each member of your wedding party.

Birthday Gifts

Birthday Boxes

The perfect gifts for friends and family of all ages.

From our customers
From our customers
Great communication follow-up and even advanced my delivery at short notice to fit our tight schedule. As for the product, beautifully prepared and tastes even better than it looks! Highly recommend!
— Adrian T.
From our customers
I purchased two piñata cakes. Extremely happy with the presentation and the customer service.
— Iswarya
From our customers
The overall presentation and the cake was super neat and delicious. I really loved the cake and the fillings too.
— Ankit A.